The Basics Of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a very basic yet essential aspect of having a website. It is the one that makes your site organized and allows the appearance of your website in the list of search result. By this, the chance of having your site exposed to the knowledge of the visitors is high.

The Basics

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However, it doesn’t end there; SEO is also held responsible in making your website helpful when it comes to the presentation of the content and even in making the site’s infrastructure look enticing. Thus, the possibility of more visiting clients is guaranteed. Not just that, SEO’s have a lot of things to offer like the following:

image of search engine optimization tipsThe importance of key words – Since we are finding ways on how to make your site easier to find, using the right keywords is a basic truth. You should see to it that you are concise and straight to the point for the people to believe you.

This is because for some, having lengthy keywords are already considered a spam thus they are preventing to neither open nor visit the site. This is not what we are aiming for. We want some visitors to come that is why we should keep it short and simple.

The content proper – The content is what customers usually are after. No matter how nice and presentable you site is, but when you fail them with the content then, it will be considered as a big no-no.

The content should always be the star of the show. It should satisfy customers for them to like it. One of the most common strategies used by site owners to increase the visits of their site is through linking it with blogs and articles; wherein it would be easier for the visitors to get your point once they are interested with the topic lined onto your site.

Avoid over linking – As noticed, links are being utilized as a strategy for the visitor to broaden up the integration of ideas in a certain topic. Creating a link redirecting into your site is the best way to do it.

Such thing will help prevent your clients to get out of your site, thus increases traffic. This strategy is long known, however; we should keep in mind to avoid overlinking. This will only interrupt the customer that can lead them to be annoyed and get out from your site.

Sitemap is a must – Some visitors are tired from being redirected from one link to another. This prompted the creation of a sitemap.

In short, a sitemap is a short cut that prompts as a list of an organized links that will help you go directly to the meat rather than beating around the bush without getting anything.

Monitors the rank of your site – SEO can monitor how clients regularly visit your website. Not only that, but you also have the capacity to view the common terms used by clients to view websites.

This will give you the idea of making your site easier to find, thus more chances of having your site being exposed to the public’s attention.

How To Start Your First Website – Tips & Tricks

When we talk about entrepreneurship, it is not only about earning money. Instead, there are lots of things that we should prioritize first before moving on to that part of the business. We should be mental, physically and financially prepared enough to take the risk when venturing into this industry.

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Remember, there are already a bunch of businesses out there that have the same line business as yours being competitive in a healthy way is very important. You can also make your competitors as inspiration in a way that you are getting and learning some tips from them.

However, it should not be to the extent that you are copying almost everything that they have and are in. Having an idea is quite enough. It is still better if customers like your business by the way how you uniquely handle it.

image of starting your own online businessTruly, starting up a business can be very stressful. You need to create unique plans and perks; you have to make sure that all your products are well made and of best quality whatsoever it may be.

As a part of the marketing strategy, advertising your business is very essential. This is how local people will learn about the opening of your business and what to expect. In fact, one of the most used forms of advertisement to promote a product is through online. How to do it? By simply creating your website.

Creating a website may not be a forte of all who enters the business world. Lucky if you know how to, but for those who don’t well that is not a problem. There are already lots of companies who creates personalized website for your business at cost. However, it would still be best if you create a draft design for the website for you to explain really the meaning and concept before handing it down for polishing. If you are a solopreneur, the following tips on how to start your first website might help you out.

Have clear vision – If you want to start a business, better think of it hundreds of times before you go into it. Being in a state of topsy-turvy will not help you out. That is why you should be fixed in deciding what kind of business to open and make yourself clear about it. Second thoughts will make you cost a lot of money and is such a waste of time.

Be concise – Not all customers have the time in this world to read lengthy website introductions. That is why it would be best for you to be concise and brief in explaining your existence and services offered.

How can you be of help? – Most customers go to websites to find help. Now, if your website does not look helpful neither entices new customers, better yet change the concept or create a new one. Remember that this is not about wasting time, but focuses on providing people with their needs.

Be organized – Make sure that your website is well organized and user-friendly to prevent customers to get lost and lose their patience in the process.

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The Trampoline Park Business Model – All Hype Or Legit?

trampoline park startup businessMany entrepreneurs have been talking about the recent surge in trampoline park businesses. Should you join the hype and build your first trampoline park?

We believe the decision mainly depends on whether you believe the growth will continue, or it’s on the way down. Trampoline parks are everywhere; there’s a good chance your town already has one.

These parks are doing great business (most have an online presence), but we’re not so sure the rush will continue. First, there is only room for so many in one town. If your town has one, or two, it may be too late for you to join.

Our research shows the best state to launch a trampoline business is Arkansas. It’s strange, but somehow Arkansas has the lowest trampoline park to household ratio. Before we discuss the subject in more detail, let’s clearly define a trampoline park.

What Is It?

If you want to be sure that you can make the most of your business endeavors, it pays to provide the highest quality value to your customers. In this regard, one great investment to make is in a trampoline park. There may be a chance that you have never been to a trampoline park, and you may not even know what a trampoline park is. To learn more about these parks and why you would do well to build one, you should read on and learn more all about these parks.


Perhaps the most important benefit of these trampoline parks is that they are flat out fun. People who visit the parks will be able to enjoy such a visit and will have the opportunity to bounce around and enjoy themselves. Since fun is a universal selling point, you will notice that you will have customers from all different ages and walks of life. This widespread appeal makes it an excellent investment if you want to bring in customers. You will be able to invite people in for everything from a standard visit to a children’s birthday party.

Another great benefit of these trampoline parks is that they are excellent regarding health and fitness. People will be able to stop by and get a great workout since trampolines have been shown to provide some excellent health benefits. It builds lower body strength and also allows people to get a great cardio workout. This adds to the overall appeal of having a trampoline park so that you can draw in a great deal of people who will be happy to take advantages of everything that you have to offer.

Indoor Or Outdoor?

These parks can be set up either indoors or outdoors, depending on your preference. You will need to be sure that you are promoting safety whenever possible — giving yourself the opportunity to draw people in on a year round basis. When it comes to these trampoline parks, perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind is that you need to get your hands on a high-quality trampoline. You should buy these trampolines new and in great condition whenever possible. You also need to make sure that you purchase some insurance that will protect you from liability in the case that anyone gets hurt.

Further, always get your hands on a warranty and a repair plan for all of your trampolines, so that you increase safety and decrease downtime whenever possible. If this is what you are looking for, you will be in good hands by touching base with some professionals who can help you.


Take advantage of this information and use it to the best of your ability, so that you can use your trampoline park to its full advantage while providing yourself with an excellent investment that will provide for you over the long haul.

The Breakdown – Solopreneur Versus An Entrepreneur

In this modern age, it’s no longer enough just to be employed. The economy has become very unfriendly for low-income earners that life has in turn become expensive and hard, there is too much strain. All this can be avoided if you just take the step and decide to decide how much you earn instead of taking what you’re given at the end of the month.

image of being a solopreneurThat having been said, we must recognize that there are young individuals who have decided to take this journey by starting their companies in the bid to become totally independent and have a fighting chance against this unfair economy. In this line of thinking, some individuals have decided to start their companies without ever having to add staff. They intend to work and grow individually.

Note, this is different from entrepreneurship slightly because an entrepreneur starts their own business and works hard in the hopes of adding staff with time. They grow the company enough to give employment to other people. There are both advantages and disadvantages of the two individually, and there are differences as well. Let’s look at the underlining factors between the two.

Singular focus

A solopreneur’s singular purpose of starting their company is for themselves. They start the company aiming at growing it on their own and keep it that way. An entrepreneur, however, could very easily sell his company to some other big company along the line. They work hard to maximize the company’s productivity so that someday when they are lucrative and big enough; another bigger fish will have an interest in it and buy it. This is not to mean that all entrepreneurs start their business with the sole aim of selling it at some point in their lives but most of them have done that, there are cases where the entrepreneur pursues running their companies because they have a passion for what they do.

Work versus connections

For a solopreneur, it’s more important to get the work done. The priority and preference in most cases are just to stay in and work hard enough to make a difference in their company. They can also be good at networking but just mostly don’t get to it whereas for an entrepreneur, they prefer to get moving and establish some strong influential connections. They would have no problem doing just that as long as at the end of the day they get good connections. An entrepreneur is comfortable going to meetings with their clients all day.


When there’s a lot of work and the business has grown a little, or to realize maximum productivity and a solopreneur does not look at outsourcing or bringing in someone to help with the work, they would rather just jump right in and take on the extra work by themselves. They’re workers naturally and enjoy the thrill of pushing themselves and doing everything hands on by personally.

They are not comfortable delegating work. A real entrepreneur at heart, however, is not afraid to employ more staff to increase their productivity. Their concern is to grow their company as much as they can; they want to ensure that they are doing all they have to do to realize the full potential of the business. They are comfortable managing a team of employees towards a defined goal. A delegation of work is acceptable to them because it allows them to work on other things that to them appear as more important.

Online Business

Simpler ways of making money have surfaces with the introduction of the internet. With the evolution of time, many types of technology have been developed. Among these is the internet. The internet has in more than one ways leveled the playing field for small businesses to be able to compete in the market with major corporations.

The internet has given fledging businesses a chance to increase their revenue and visibility and hence grow beyond imagination. If an online business owner understands the opportunities presented by being able to utilize the internet in their business, they will maximize their potential.

Benefits Of Online Business

Liable Customer base

The internet due to its ability to reach even the remotest or areas can instantly give a company global audience, and that means a strong, viable connections and a long list of clients. Consumers from around the globe will learn about the products and services offered and can easily order. The customer base will keep growing stronger.

Open 24/7

With an online business, there is no official closing and opening time so your stores can be open 24/7 and hence provide what most businesses that don’t online don’t provide. The products too are ready made and hence no shortage. This is an opportunity to make literally money in your sleep. This is one business that will be on the market for long.

Good connections

There are many different ways of meeting people on the internet. You can open chat rooms, you can do it in internet forums, email messages, etc. this gives you access to that many people across the world despite the distance or time. Now just imagine how many experienced people you would have access to this way. This means good advice for your company, an open field of opportunities and partnerships growth opportunities, and more exciting ideas to pick on.

Pocket friendly

The fact that online business costs friendly is the icing on the cake, so yeah, you can have your cake and eat it in online business. If you were to open a physical shop, it would cost you many times much more than what it costs for operational costs.

Operational time

Waking up early in the morning to go to work is often tiring to most people but they have no choice but to wake up anyway. With an online business, you get to choose your own time to work and when to rest. When you have the opportunity to make your working schedule, you become more productive because you know when you’re most alert and hence will be able to give more to your business.

Should You Be Drug Testing Your Employees?

Many small business owners wonder if they should be drug testing their prospective and current employees. In this article, we discuss the pros and cons of each decision.

As an entrepreneur and business owner, you know first-hand how difficult it can be to make tough decisions. The choice of drug testing is considered controversial, so it’s best you make an informed decision.

The Basics

A lot of employers choose to drug test the prospective employees. Typically, the candidate finishes the interview and is chosen for the job.

image of drug testing yoru employeesAt this point, the employer (you) will ask the prospective employee to take a drug test. Their are four major kinds of drug tests, each with different pros and cons:

  • Urine
  • Hair
  • Saliva
  • Blood

Before we dive into each type of test, it’s important to understand the impact of the results. If you decide to drug test, then your handbook must state that a failed test will mean the employee is not hired.

For this example, we’ll assume the candidate takes the urine drug test; it’s the most commonly used screening nationwide.

After interview, the candidate will drive over the testing facility. They will then be asked to provide a urine sample. Most labs provide results quickly, and you should know the answer within 48 hours.

If they pass, you can proceed with your new employee.

The Pros

The idea behind the test is that you’ll find “clean” employees. Studies show that drug-free workers are more efficient and less likely to engage in bad behavior.

The Cons

While it sound simple, there are actually quite a few things that can go wrong. In addition to things going wrong, the tests are not free, and do impose a cost on the business you’re running.

Cheating The Test

Yes, there are products out there that are specifically designed to help people pass their urine drug test (as well as other screenings). If you’re employee gets their hands on synthetic urine, then there is a good chance they can manipulate the test.

Here are a few resources that talk about synthetic urine:

In a nutshell, it’s possible to pass the test if you use the fake urine. The most popular brand appears to Quick Fix Plus 6.1, and it continues to fool most testing laboratories.

The urine contains uric and area, which are key components to making urine look legitimate.

How Accurate Is The Urine Test?

In addition to synthetic urine, the urine screening is not the most reliable test available. The hair drug test is more accurate, but the cost is about three times as much.

People asked to take a urine test can speed up their recovery using a few methods:

  • Detox drinks
  • Exercise
  • Dieting
  • Water Consumption

If the candidate decides to drink a ton of water, it’s possible to dilute their urine sample. While the laboratories are set to detect diluted samples, many users will offset this with creatine and other B vitamins.


So, should drug testing be a part of your employment screening process? It depends where you are as a business, but we would say no.


Starting a small business takes a lot of time and capital investment. As business owners, we know that every dollar counts. If your budget is tight, why spend your precious dollars on drug testing?

It’s probable that your employers will cheat the test, so it’s not worth the effort. If you can’t go without drug testing, then go with the hair follicle test. Yes, it’s much more expensive, but it’s the only test that will work.

The Five Best Traits To Become An Entrepreneur

image of entrepreneur traitsAn entrepreneur always starts a business with a small capital and gain profit. As they go along with their venture, there are instances that they experience obstacles and trials that affect the flow of the business. For those successful entrepreneurs, how did they handle such situation?

How do they overcome and solve these trials? The answer is, it’s on the attitude they manifest towards work and career. They become successful because they have certain traits that help them to face the trials and set aside the emotional stress and effects of failure. These traits are the key of a successful entrepreneur so here are the following traits that you should have if you want to become a rich entrepreneur:


You know what you do, and you know that you love it. A good entrepreneur shows interest when it comes to business matter. Don’t pursue things that you don’t like because you only risk for nothing and your investment is wasted. If you have this trait for sure, the business will grow smoothly.


If you’re a person who is focused and a goal-oriented person, you will surely achieve the success in your career as an entrepreneur. Motivate yourself to positive things that will happen in your future and not on the negative side. If you have set goals, you are determined to do things to make it happen.


Being an entrepreneur takes lot money to invest. So what’s best to do is to make use of the limited resources that you have and create new things that would help in the business rather than expend too much. Make use of it and think of the costs you spend in making your business.

Open mind

As an entrepreneur, at times you face difficulties, it is better to hear others opinion and take the time to think if it works or not. Don’t be selfish because that will only lead you to hopeless and failures. Be open to new ideas; that way you have many choices to select before you take another step.

Accept new ideas

Not at all times you just have to follow your learnings that you have acquired in college but take another challenge that could help you as an entrepreneur. You just have to accept new ideas from others so that you can see the difference; there you can find new solutions and tips on how to face difficult situation besides, the more you learn, and the better you will earn lot.

These traits mentioned are just one of the traits that most entrepreneurs could and should have, but it still your choice on how to make everything works for you. If you want your business to be productive, don’t just perceive what you’ve’ learn but think of applying it in a real situation. Learn to apply these traits so that others might do it too and later on, you will see in return the improvement of yourself and your entrepreneurial skills.

Video Overview – 15 Traits

The Good & Bad Of Being An Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is not just a title that would mean that the person is into a business. This carries a lot of responsibilities, trials and challenges coming from an internal and external factor that needs to be surpassed. It may be quite difficult to be into this situation that other may not get it. However, an entrepreneur should get into it.

The Good & Bad

Unknowingly, aside from the good side, entrepreneurs also suffer from the bad side. These bad sides may not be quite defined the reason they are not well understood. For us to dig in deeper, let us ponder the following:

The wrong notion – Families may not deeply understand the process of being into an entrepreneurship. They normally think that you are unemployed and are just doing your thing. No matter how many achievements and praises you gain in the entrepreneurship world, they cannot easily get it.

image of stressed out entrepreneurFreedom is not your thing – People normally thin that when you are the boss of your own business, you will have the luxury of time. Well, in fact, this is not true. Being into a business, most especially if you are just starting up, freedom is not in your vocabulary.

You have to attend a lot of meetings, seminars and lectures that will help you learn more on how to be strategic in your business. Not only that, but you also have to take the time to hands on to your business. You need to make sure that your staffs are working well; the operation is good, and customer service is excellent.

Income pressures – Since you are the boss of the business, you are to make sure that the employees are well compensated. Considering that you are the one who holds the money, you have to be keen enough in calculating the expenses, total earnings and payables. With this, you do not have the choice but to do the math to prevent any losses and wrong calculations.

You can be physically and mentally challenged – If you are the head of the business, it is always you where employees usually look up to. Whenever bad things happen, it is not them whom customers will vent out their bad experience but on you. You do not have the choice but to listen and help the customer calm down, even compensate to suffice them.

Not only that, in every scenario, you should always be the front liner, even if you are prepared or not, it’s up to you to handle everything smoothly.

Problem-solving is always a part of the game – Even if you are not being used to solve problems, in this industry, you should learn how to. We can never know when a problem will occur.

May it be between you and your employees, misunderstandings between employees, customer dissatisfaction and even marketing problems, you have to solve all of these without having you prepared. This is how an entrepreneur’s life could be. That is why it is very important for them to be mentally prepared before entering this industry.

The Best Ways To Attract New Customers For Your Business

Being new in the business industry requires you to double time to catch up customers. Though there are lots of fish in the sea, still it’s difficult to find yours to own. That is why being mentally prepared is part of the contract. You have to take the risk and develop strategies to be into the business. However, if you do not know where to start, you can follow simple steps that can bring you to the success of your own business.

Our Best Tips

image of tips of attracting new clientsJump start a potential business – Since there are already lots of business established, you should create yours that is way farther than the rest. Of course, you should also know the trend and what’s new in the market.

With this, you can have an idea as to what kind of business to open. Once you jump into a new trend business, see to it that you are much better in order for your business not to shrink.

Believe in your hobby – Nothing beats the knowledge of being a lover of your own business. It is already proven that once you make your hobby your business there will be no stress neither pressure.

There is a big difference once you produce something out from your creativity and happy mood from creating something that is based on knowledge and skills alone. It is an ancient advice that you should learn how to love you job, and if this is the case well there is no need for you to adjust.

What’s new is not always in –Trial and error is still a part of the marketing system. Therefore, we can say that what is new is not always in. There are some businesses that have a good start but after a month or a year the sales goes down.

This is because some customers are just curious about their products and services and just wanted to have the experience. However, this may not be true to some. If you just do well to please and satisfy customers well this could mean a longer and better business relationship.

Advertise your business – A business could never be a successful one once there are just a few who knows about it (even online businesses). As part of the business strategy, letting people now through advertising is such a big help.

If you have a tight budget yet, subscribing to an advertising agency can be an option. Though considering the financial capacity, you can always take advantage of the social media like “facebook”, “twitter” and “Instagram”. Also, sharing it to your family and friends and have them spread the news is a good strategy also.

Who are the target clients – In starting up a business, make sure that you know whom to deal with. You may conduct a simple study or research which involves your target location, customers and also the product you are to market. With this, you can already visualize the potential success of your business.

Customer satisfaction – True to all business, an excellent customer service can bring in more customers who also want to experience the hospitality and warm welcome by the staff and crew. A happy and satisfied client usually shares the experience to their friends and excited for them to experience it themselves as well.